Bio - only if you're interested. . . .

I was born and grew up in Langley Mill, Derbyshire, England.

My father, Frederick Cross, an Engineer / Draughtsman, was always drawing Walt Disney characters for me as a child.

I'm assuming my "talent" came from my father, (as did playing the piano), so, I sign my name on paintings and needlework with "S. CROSS" or "SMC".

The needlework came via my mother and grandmothers. (ex-Treasurer but member of the Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild, Cobourg and ex-Editor/Treasurer for the Ontario Network of Needleworkers).


I emigrated to Canada in 1957. Landing in Toronto, a city of some 900,000 people, I was to join friends, but discovered they had long since moved with no word to me.

In order to "meet" people, I took Art Courses at Danforth Technical College and Central Technical College in Toronto. I didn't meet too many firm friends, however, after 5 years, I graduated with a Diploma for Drawing and Painting.


After marriage, family and divorce, I went back to painting, joining the Art Guild of Scarborough (becoming a Vice-President) for some 10+ years, as well as taking in several specialty and interest Workshops.

When I retired, I moved to Cobourg and helped start the Arts Council of Northumberland. I also joined the Cobourg Art Club (ex-Treasurer and Past President) and the Pine Ridge Art Association (ex-Treasurer, ex-President), convening the Art Shows for both clubs for the last 8-9 years, along with participating in more Workshops.

Over the years I have sold a fair number of paintings, but really paint and sketch because I enjoy the challenge of drawing and painting, though it's always pleasing to sell a piece of artwork. I hope you will enjoy some of my samples on this web site.

Some of the paintings have been gifted to friends and others have been sold, but if there is interest for anything special, please contact me.